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Year 7

Week 10 ... who would have thought that this would be the case when we left school before Easter. 

Now we're here and we're looking forward to the summer holidays and hopefully some good news that will allow us to meet up with our friends and see more members of family ... and give someone a hug. Let's not take the simple things for granted when all this is back to normal.


On the topic of good news... congratulations for Thursday past. You will all have received your letter stating your new school for next year. I know some of you were delighted when opening your envelope and others may have been a little sad with what it said. Let me tell you this, no matter where you are going, your new school is going to be fantastic. I know this because you are fantastic and you will be there.

Remember, it's not the school you go to that makes you you, but the effort and work you put in to everything you do when you're there, both in and out of the classroom. Such an exciting time and I am so proud of you all for what you have achieved and cannot wait to hear all your exciting news about what is yet to come.


I know you are all looking forward to getting your new hoodies. We will have news about this in the coming days so keep an eye on the Our Schools App for news and what to do next.


Thank you for all the messages of what you have been up to. It's great to hear from you and it's great to keep in touch. Being in school without you all is a very strange place. Keep us updated with what you are up to and if you have any questions at all, please email me. (


Finally, this week is our final build up to our Virtual Sports Day. The focus this week is to create your own obstacle course. Think about previous sports days in school and the various activities we've done together. I am always a fan of the dress up race and still laugh about your attempts at the Mr Gault race from before. 

Have fun with this, send me videos or pictures of your attempts and keep an eye on the website over the coming week for my attempts at the events. 


Have a great weekend and a fantastic week.