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Year 7

Hello again everyone!

Welcome to June!

Your last month of P7 and inevitably your last month of being a pupil in Maghaberry Primary School.

This is such a bittersweet time for us. Sweet as we are all excited for what the future has in store for you all and cannot wait to have you all back as big, Year 8s in your new uniform and hearing all about your new schools, your new routines and seeing how you have all grown. I have heard this week that a few of you have already sprouted! It is also sad times because I, along with all the members of staff, will miss you all so, so much. Unfortunately, our time together this year was cut short but, as promised, we will get together again as 'our wee class' and have great fun to celebrate and commemorate your time growing at MPS!


I hope you have all been enjoying the fantastic weather! Remember, apply suncream often during the day if you are out and about, I am paying the price for not following my own advice. Remember, do what I say, not what I do!

On that, keep going with your AR and getting tests completed. I am so pleased for Reece becoming a double millionaire but you know how competitive I am... let's get a few P7s to that number and more.


I have received quite a few emails of you in your school uniform. How was that? I am sure that was very strange being all dressed up and having nowhere to go. Any more pictures to come in are greatly received.


Also, I have plenty of queries re our school hoodies. I am awaiting a final image of what the hoodies will look like then we can send out sizing and ordering details for these.


Have a great week. Remember, just because the news may be saying we are coming out of this pandemic we still have to keep alert and stay safe. Keep washing your hands and remember distance where possible.


I miss you all.