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Year 7

Hello Hello!


I was driving through the village this week and a wave of sadness washed over me.

I really miss you all.

I was walking down the corridor this week and I was sad.

I didn't hear any of your voices... 

I was in our classroom this week and it was empty. 

I didn't see any of your smiling faces.


So, what I need this week is a picture.

A picture of you, in your full MPS uniform at your front door! School bag optional.

I'm gathering pictures of us all and I will be collating these at some stage over the next dew weeks. 

So please, this week, send me a photo of you in your uniform. I don't want you to miss your big moment in the video.


Hope everyone is well and staying positive.

Keep working hard.

Keep learning new skills.

Keep being awesome.