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Year 6

Let's do this!! - Week 11 laugh


We're nearly there, it's hard to keep going but just two more school weeks, 10 days, 240 hours, 14,400 minutes or 864,000 seconds!! You have all been fantastic, I know everyone thinks we ease off at this time of year but in P6 we try to keep working for just another wee while - you can do it.


I hope you enjoyed taking part in our Virtual Sports Day, I'm looking forward to seeing your photos. We're continuing with our little challenge and this week I'm asking you to give a little hand in the kitchen. This could involve some baking, making lunch or helping clear up after dinner.


Remember to have a look at our Road Safety section, there is a weekly activity which you can look at. As Lockdown begins to ease, we will be starting to visit some of our friends - it's important that we remember how to safely cross the road.


If you've any questions about our work or if you simply want to share some news please get in touch.


Mrs A. (