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Year 6

Welcome to Week 10!!smiley


Summer is just around the corner. Everyone has done so well to keep working, especially with the tropical weather we've been having. Keep going, we're nearly there.


This week, use the link in our Literacy section to take a Virtual Tour around Windsor Castle, one of Henry VIII's homes. You'll notice that it has been redecorated but the tour will give you an idea of the splendour which Henry would've lived in.


It was lovely to receive photos, from some of you, showing the games which you played with family members during the week. This week, in keeping with the theme of our Spar Virtual Sports, I want you to learn a new skill. It could be sports related or a craft, or even a skill which you simply want to improve. Spend time each day improving your skill; embrace new experiences and surprise yourself with what you can do. If you take any photos of this send them to Mr Gault, or myself, for our Gallery.


Remember: Saturday 13th June is our Virtual Sports Day.

I can't wait to see you showing off your skills through each of your 5 chosen events. Don't forget to spend some time this week planning your obstacle course to complete alongside your 5 favourite events. You could use some of the toys which you have (bat & ball, hoop, football) along with things you might have in your garden (jump across the path, jump from one slab to another, jump over a box) - let's see how creative you can be!

Out of all the events my favourite is the Welly Boot Toss - I love how unpredictable it is, it's always good fun!


If you need me for anything, or simply want to share some news please get in touch. School is very quiet and lonely without you all - the emails and photos are a great way of keeping us all connected.


Love from Mrs A.  (