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Year 6

And just like that, we've arrived at June!! How did that happen??


Although we've been at home for quite some time it's still hard to believe we've reached the final month of Year 6. The weather has continued to be glorious which means we can spend lots of time playing in the garden, having water fights.....and eating ice cream .wink Remember - apply your sunscreen.


At this time of the year KS2 would be doing lots of outdoor activities and our homework would consist of family tasks. We would be eating break outside, having our Friday Fun afternoon activities, buying ice-pops from the Year 1 classroom and maybe even having a water fight, or two, with your teachers. So P6, we're going to set some family tasks for you to carry out this month. This week, aim to spend at least 30mins a day playing a game with someone in your family - try to make use of the great weather, go outside. It could be a board game or even a game of frisbee; maybe make it into a mini family tournament. We'll change the task next week, or if you've any ideas which you think others would enjoy please let me know.


Don't forget - register for our Virtual Sports Day, there are some great tips for improving your technique. Send your photos to myself or Mr.Duddy.


Parents - it has been great chatting with many of you on the phone last week. There are a few whom I haven't managed to catch up with, I'll be trying again this week. Again, if there is anything which you would like to ask re. any work on the website please send me an email.


Take care everyone, stay safe.

Love from Mrs A. (