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Year 5

Hello, P5s! So, here we are, about to start Week 8 of home learning!


We hope you are still managing to do a little bit of work each day, alongside lots of other fun things.  Remember that we are always here to support you with you in any way we can and if there is something that doesn't make sense to you, please send us a wee message so we can explain further.  Equally, if you would like any more challenges in a particular area, also let us know and we will be more than happy to help. 


Don't forget to keep in touch.  We love to hear/see how you are getting on and it's been great to be able to share lots of your pictures on the Home School/Lockdown Gallery.


And lastly....keep reading! We are so pleased that some of you are still reading new books and doing AR quizzes. Keep it up and let us know if you are having any problems logging on. Use the link on the Home School main page to bring you to the Accelerated Reader Maghaberry home page. 


Have a great week,


Love from,

Miss L. Kennedy ( & Mrs R. Millar (