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Year 4

Welcome to WEEK 12 - THE FINAL WEEK! 


Can you believe it?  Week 12 and almost the end of term and another school year. Well done, everyone, for your hard work and huge efforts with your home learning and remembering to stay safe. You have done a fantastic job in a very unusual time and we know for some of you, you have enjoyed most of it, and for others, well..not so much! But all of you have kept going in whatever way you could within your own family. We appreciate all the hours that you have spent in front of the booklets and website and a special big thank you to those of you who sent us through pictures of your activities and samples of your work.  We really loved to see your happy faces and learn about what you were up to.


But, now,  we can all look forward to a bit of a break and one that is very well deserved.


This week we have uploaded some fun Literacy, Numeracy and Brain Teasers for you to have a go at, as well as a P4 Advert activity.  We would love to hear what you thought of your time in Primary Four this year and make an advert for the Primary Three children who will be coming in to school in September.


Please also feel free, if you wish, to use this time (and the next few months) to catch up on anything that you didn't get to learn or go over during the last 11 weeks and finish off any booklets from your pack that are not completed.  


Parents, keep an eye on the School App for more information regarding coming to in to collect your belongings. More information will be available this week.  


Children, it would be great if you could send us one last email update (of anything you want) so that we can catch up with you before the Summer break? 


We miss you so much and while it was definitely not the end of term we would have wished for we are still glad that you are all safe and well with your families and ready to enjoy the Summer. See you in September!


Love, Miss Neill  ( and Mrs Millar (