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Year 4

Week 10 of home learning!


We hope you've had a good first week of June?  Summer has officially begun! smiley 


Did anyone make up a game in the last few weeks that you would like to share with your friends?  If so, please send it to us and we will happily put it on the website for others to have a go at.  I'm sure by this stage of Lockdown we could all do with having a new game to play!


It's been lovely to get a chat with the mums and dads again over these last couple of weeks.  They have told us how well you are all doing but that some days are harder than others when it comes to school work.  Just keep trying your best and remember that we are only an email away if there is anything you need help with.  As always, it's lovely to hear from you, whatever the reason. 


Please continue send any pictures of what you are up to so that we can add them to the Home School/Lockdown Gallery - check it out!


Have a great week,


Love from,

Miss L. Neill ( & Mrs R. Millar (