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Boys and girls of P1, to keep connected to your friends while we are not in school, your first task is draw a really colourful picture, as big as you can make it. It could be a flower, a rainbow, a drawing of one of the models you enjoyed making so much when you were in class - anything at all. 


We want you to display your drawing in a window of your house where other people can see it - and your lovely piece of art will cheer on your friends and neighbours as they pass your home! Even though you won't see your friends, they will see your picture, and you can see theirs when you are out and about getting some fresh air. 


Try and get your brothers and sisters involved too, the more pictures on display the better, and you can collectively brighten up the whole village!


Now that your paper and colours are already out, you could keep drawing and make cards or pictures to send to hospital staff who are working really hard to help keep us safe and well, nursing home patients who can't have visitors, or people you know who are social distancing / isolating. The choice is yours!


Parents, your child is used to having a good solid hour of play every morning in school, and these coming weeks should be no different. We would suggest not allowing screen time during this precious hour of play, as quite often, once children get absorbed in an intricate Lego build, jigsaw puzzles, pretend shop etc they forget about their electronics. Time outdoors is also invaluable; not only is it good for their physical and mental health, but it also develops their gross motor skills which will really help once they are back in the classroom. 


We will post different ideas to keep this prolonged time at home playful, but they are only suggestions for you - you know your child, and what will work best for  them and your family.


Keep safe everyone - and if you want to, send us an email of your pictures, or ones you found around the village! x