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Build an obstacle course outside. Draw up a plan of what you will do, and make a list of the items you will need – either draw them or try to write them!


Pick a story – or part of a story – to act out for your family. Can you get anyone else involved to help you?! Do you need costumes? Props? Have some fun!


Go on a sound scavenger hunt – how many different sounds can you find an object for? There are 26 letters in the alphabet - but can you find an object for every sound in your Jolly Phonics book? Good luck!


Make some sort of family memento for this unprecedented period of lockdown – take a photo, draw a picture, it’s up to you. If everyone in your house draws around their hand on coloured paper/ wrapping paper, you could make a family collage. Write the date on it, and you’ll have something to treasure for years to come.