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Sensory play - try making some ‘gloop’. This is a fun substance that’s easily made. Mix cornflour with a little bit of water and feel how it goes from wet to dry as you lift it and manipulate it. Be sure to add water slowly to get the perfect consistency. You can even add some food colouring if you’d like to change the colour. 


Obstacle course - using any items that you have around the house / garden, make an obstacle course. See if you can move around, over, under, through different parts of your course. Maybe you could add in extra challenge by moving in certain directions, eg backwards or maybe even try it hopping on one leg! 

Find some larger rocks / stones and paint or write some letters on them. Can you write secret messages using your stones? 


Collect some leaves, twigs, flower petals, blades of grass, and make a picture using these nature items.  


Junk art - using some recyclable materials eg egg cartons, cereal boxes etc. make your own creation. We would love to see some photos and hear what you’ve been making. 

Water play - fill a tray / bucket / bath / sink with water. Create some ‘boats’ using paper or butter trays or whatever you would like to use and experiment with your boats to see which materials float and which sink. See if you can balance anything in your boats!