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Build a blanket cubbyhouse. Draw up a plan for your cubbyhouse and create a list of the items you will need. Make invitations for the rest of your family to join you in there.


Do a rainbow scavenger hunt in your house/ garden/ daily walk – can you find an item for each colour of the rainbow? Take a photo once you have gathered all the items and send it to us!


Create a dinosaur city from sticks, dirt, rocks and whatever you can find outside. If you have toy dinosaurs or other animals, let them explore your world! If not, you could draw some, and let them explore it instead. Can you make a new dinosaur? What colour would it be? What special markings does it have? Has it any special skills?


Go outside with a bucket of water and an old paint brush – paint your wall, fence, drive way or pavement – how much can you paint before the sun dries it up?