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We are sure some of the children are missing our water and sand play areas. Although you may not have sand available at home, you can always engage in water play. Fill a large basin / tray / bucket (whatever you have) with water and experiment with floating and sinking. Find some toys / materials and see which could be used to make a boat. Make predictions before trying each one out and then test to see if you were right. You can also enjoy filling and emptying different containers, talking about more / less, full / empty. Use funnels, jugs and cups. (P.s...this is probably best done outside or in the bath)


If you have paints at home, get creative...we would love to see your creations. Some ideas -  you could paint a rainbow to add to the rainbows in the windows, or maybe paint a nice Easter picture - Easter egg, chick, Easter bonnet. Or just free style it! Choose your favourite colours and just do what feels good. We would love to see some photos of your paintings.


Physical play - make sure you are moving, moving, moving! Dance, play on your bikes / scooters, run around, enjoy safe walks with your families.