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Find Out What's Magnetic Around The House

You'll need: a fridge magnet

If you've got any mini scientists in the family they'll love this one. Grab a magnet from the fridge and explore the house to see if you can find magnetic surfaces that the magnet will stick to. You could use this time to learn the basic facts about magnets too.


Become A Singer-Songwriter

You'll need: your best music-making skills

Whether you want to be a solo artist or form a group with your family members, use this time to make up a song! Pick a theme (or ask someone else to) and see if you can make a song based on the theme. Remember, anything can be a musical instrument, so get creative and figure out how to make music in a totally unique way. If this is proving tricky, try re-writing the words to a favourite nursery rhyme or song. Search “Learning Station” for some of the songs we’d have used in class – Apples and Bananas, Herman the Worm. Enjoy your sing a long!


Act Out Your Own Version Of A Film/ Cartoon

You'll need: an Oscar-ready performance

Pick your favourite film and see how much of it you can act out from memory. If you've got family members who want to join, assign everyone different characters, and if you're a solo performer, why not act it out with your dolls and teddies?


Make Puffy Paint

You'll need: heaping 1/2 cup shaving foam, 1/2 cup PVA glue, large mixing bowl, small containers, food colouring and/or glitter

Pour your PVA glue into a mixing bowl and carefully combine with shaving foam using a spatula or spoon - try not to over-mix your paint as you want to keep the fluffiness. Separate your mixture into smaller containers and add a couple of drops of food colouring to each one. You could even add glitter to make magical snow paint - it's up to you! Add more shaving cream if needed. From there, your puffy paint is ready to go!


Play Doughnut Jenga

You'll need: cardboard, scissors, pens and pencils

Cut out the cardboard into a ring doughnut shape and decorate it to look like a doughnut. Place a chunk of pens and pencils inside the 'doughnut' so that they can stand up (as if the pens are wearing a hula hoop). Each player has to carefully pull out one pen or pencil at a time without letting the ring fall and touch the ground, just like in traditional Jenga. When the doughnut falls, the game is over. The winner is the person with the most pens and pencils at the end!