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Play mini ice-hockey

Freeze a layer of water in a baking tray to create your ice rink, and stick a post-it note at either end of the tray to mark the goals. Use spoons as your hockey sticks and try to hit your button/lid puck against the post-it note on the other side of the tray.


Paper Plate Ring Toss

You'll need: kitchen roll tube, tape or Blu Tac, paper plates and scissors

Cut paper plates or cereal boxes into rings of different sizes and then stick your kitchen roll tube to the floor. Throw your paper rings onto the tube like you're at the funfair! Make it a challenge by moving further back or racing to see how many you can get in 30 seconds. This can also be done outside - go out and enjoy the fresh air!


Have A Picnic With Your Toys

You'll need: your favourite toys, a blanket or towel and some snacks

Invite your favourite teddies and dolls to join your family on an indoor picnic, where you'll set up a blanket or towel for everyone to sit on and enjoy some snacks together.


Teddy Zipwire

You'll need: wire or string, a clothes hanger and your favourite soft toy.

Tie a wire or string from a high point in the house or garden to a low point (the higher the better), attach a soft toy to a hanger, send it down the zipwire and watch it zoom across the room or garden!


Write Letters/ Send pictures To Loved Ones

You'll need: paper or card and some kind of writing tool

Flex your writing muscles and write a letter to older relatives or neighbours who might be feeling a little lonely right now. Let them know you're thinking of them, and if they live nearby you could even leave a sweet treat on their doorstep for them to enjoy while they read your letter. You could also write to any NHS staff and supermarket, pharmacy or post office workers that you know to say thank you for all the work they're doing to keep everything running during this time.