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Construction play - can you build your own space rocket using lego / duplo / blocks or any construction toys that you have at home? Think about the different parts of your rocket. Talk about where your rocket would fly to.


Playdough - Make a playdough 'meal'. Think about your favourite dinner and see if you can use playdough to make it. Set your meal up on a plate just like real food.


Junk art - Using whatever 'junk' materials you can find at home, see if you can create transporting machine that could take you anywhere in the world. Will your machine need a door? Windows? Buttons? Levers? Talk to your family about where you would go in your magical transport machine. Ask them where they would like to go.


Potato painting - using a potato, either whole, cut in half, cut in different shapes, try to create your own potato painting. You can 'paint' anything that you would like. Maybe you will paint a picture of something that you like or maybe you will create patterns and just create something with your favourite colours. (Adults will obviously do the cutting of the potato for this one).


ICT - if you have access to an iPad or tablet, practise some computer programming using the BeeBot app. This app mirrors our BeeBots that we use in school and is great for early programming.


Role play - dress up in Mum or Dad's clothes and spend a little while being Mum or Dad. You may even encourage Mum or Dad to pretend to be the child while you are being the 'adult'.  Maybe you will have to do the dishes, help the children with their work, make some phone calls, tidy the house, read a story to your children, read the paper etc. Have some fun with this. We hope that your 'children' will be well behaved for you!