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Get out some blank pages and something to colour or make marks with, and put on some music. Experiment with different styles – some current favourite tunes, songs from your playlists/ CD collection, classical music – choice is yours. See what your child is inspired to draw as they listen to the music. Think along the lines of the Cbeebies programme “Melody” – listen to the music, and ask what does it make you think of?


Tie one length of string around the handles of a plastic bag, and let your child run along pulling the “bag kite” behind them – it is such fun! Experiment with different sizes and types of bags if you have a variety available. Is one particular bag better than another? Get involved yourself 😊


Play hide and seek with a teddy: Take it in turns to hide a teddy somewhere in the house. Give your child directions warm/ cold etc. Change this up by specifying directions: take 2 giant steps forward, tip toe 20 steps, turn right/ left etc. Make it harder by giving 2 or 3 directions at a time. If the weather holds, you also play this outside.


Make a maze with your Lego/ Duplo/ building bricks – can you roll a marble/ blow a ball of scrunched up paper around the maze? If using scrunched up paper, use a straw for more control over the direction of the ball.


Enjoy, and let us know how you are getting on - we just love to hear from you, and see pictures of your adventures!