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Below you will find some ideas for Play this week. We love seeing what you've been up to so keep the photos and emails coming. We miss you all so much.


Lots of love,


Miss Bryans & Mrs Wilson


Poniżej znajdziesz kilka pomysłów na zabawę w tym tygodniu. Uwielbiamy oglądać to, co robiliście, więc trzymajcie zdjęcia i e-maile w zasięgu ręki. Tak bardzo nam was wszystkich brakuje.

Dużo miłości,

Panna Bryans i Pani Wilson

Craft ideas


Playdough has great potential for learning. It strengthens fingers and develops fine motor skills as well being fantastic for creativity. Add some beads or dried spaghetti to your playdough for extra play value.


Dress up / role play

Let your children loose with some of your clothes or their own dress up clothes and engage in some fun. Dressing up helps your child make sense of the adult world, roles and interests as well as boosting interaction skills. It also promotes independence in dressing when they are free to try to dress themselves.



Talk about the colours of the rainbow. If you have paints available of these colours, try a handprint rainbow on a big sheet of paper or card or even on an old sheet if you have one. Start with a big arc of red handprints, then an arc of orange handprints, then yellow...and so on. If you do this one, send us a wee pic. We would love to see these.



Think of some of your favourite animals and how they move. Can you move around your garden like a lion? Or maybe hop around like a frog? Maybe you could walk tall like a giraffe? Talk about and practise moving like different animals and play a game with your family to see if they can guess which animal you are.