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Although the children will be 'playing' at home with their toys and electronic devices we suggest a structured 45 minute play session. This is what they are used to in school between the two largest teaching blocks of literacy and numeracy.

How you structure your day will be vital to getting the most out of the home learning we are suggesting. Try to get up in the morning and keep the morning routine as similar as possible to what they are used to. The Body Coach is doing an online PE class each morning (accessible on facebook) which would be a great way to boost motivation and set a routine from the onset. A block of 45 mins chatting/teaching/written work is suggested at any one time, broken up by snack/ lunch and an outside game, skoot, swings etc. Use the handwriting books or a blank page to practice letter formation, write a sentence and draw a picture to match, start a diary and or read to fill in the gaps between literacy, numeracy, play and PE. No doubt you will have a browse around some websites / pinterest for craft ideas or to indulge in your childs interest by researching topics. We will pop up ideas and provide you with as much as we can on here.

If you need a 'brain break' or a dance around the living room check out the link below …


Suggested activities for structured play(45mins)

1. Lego/ building blocks/ duplo

2. Playdough

3. Craft

4. Educational games on Ipad

5. Paint

6. Dress up / imaginative play

7. Water (a warm bath filled with lego or duplo can be a lovely sensory actvitiy if being indoors gets too much)

8. Sand tray (or digging/planting outside)

9. Small world - farm / dolls house / playmobile

10. Jig-saws / board games

11. Non fiction books to browse

*Pick and set up a different combination of about 3-4 activities each day and encourage to your child to visit each area for 15 minutes each. During this time engage with your child, question and chat and let them lead you in their conversations and curiosities.