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I have gathered some very helpful resources for parents from NSPCC which you can access free of charge through our website. Just click on the file and it will download to your computer, or contact me and I'll print you a copy.

Home alone: your guide to keeping your child safe

Advice and tips to help parents decide whether to leave their children home alone, how to ensure their safety and wellbeing and what to look for when choosing a babysitter or childminder.

Out alone: your guide to keeping your child safe
How to prepare children for being out on their own, such as walking to and from school, attending sports or holiday clubs, or getting involved in other community activities.

Encouraging better behaviour: a practical guide to positive parenting
Helps parents understand why children sometimes misbehave and explains how they can develop good relationships with their children through positive parenting.

Keeping your cool: advice for parents on managing stress and anger
Advice for parents on coping with, and recognising, stress and anger and how to influence children's behaviour without creating bad feelings.

Listening to children: improving communication with your child
Helps parents understand their child's needs better and protect them from harm. The advice covers communication in normal daily life as well as challenging situations such as divorce, death, illness or bullying.

Whole woman: essential information for mums
Explains what constitutes domestic violence and how children are affected, encouraging victims of abuse to seek help for themselves and their children. Contains details of organisations that provide practical help and support.

Worried about a child? How you can protect children from abuse
If you have concerns, there is someone who will listen. Our leaflet explains the steps that can be taken by anyone worried about the safety of a child.