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P5 Egyptian Trip (to the hall!)

Hi P4/P5!


It has been so lovely getting to know you all over the past couple of weeks and I am so impressed how you have all settled into our new routine!


Today Year 4 Pupils have received Home Spelling Booklets and a Tables Revision Number Square. There is a page per week to be completed in the Spelling Booklet and this week there is Numbers from 1-100 revision. Next week a Tables Booklet will be given out. These booklets must remain at home. Please ensure these are completed as there will be a Spelling and Tables Check-Up on Friday's in school.


Year 5 Pupils also received Spelling Booklets today. These are to remain at home! You have weekly Try Pages, a Word Sort and Sentence Makers. Please ensure all of these pages are completed weekly. This week you have been asked to go over your 2x Tables (both multiplication and division!) and your sound is 'oa'. There will be a Spelling and Tables Check-Up on Friday!


If you have any queries or questions my email is:


Many thanks,

Miss MacCorkell



Welcome to Primary 4/5!


P4/5 will be an exciting year as we enjoy having fun and learning together.

Our topics this year include: Dinosaurs (P4), Stone Age (P5), Schools (P4), Egyptians (P5), Hot and Cold Lands (P4) and  Flight (P5). We will be enjoying spending lots of time in our bubble this year both inside the classroom and using the outside space.

In P4/5 we use the Linguistic Phonics/Jolly Phonics spelling programmes and a range of schemes and 'real' books to help develop the essential skill of reading.  We have a large variety of topic related fiction and non-fiction books in our class library and P5 also enjoy choosing books from the Accelerated Reading programme.

P4/5 will present challenges in terms of numberwork and maths concepts which are taught through fun, practical activities, investigations, games and computer programmes.

ICT forms an important part of our curriculum.  We use iPads as well as desktop computers and the interactive whiteboard to complete tasks each week.  This ensures that we are covering a wide range of core skills which are built upon year after year.  

We always try to do our best so that we can be proud of ourselves and our classmates.  Hard work and effort is rewarded with lots of praise, points, stickers and prizes!

I really hope you enjoy your busy year in Primary 4/5!


Miss V MacCorkell

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P4 2018-2019

Dear parents and P4s!


Thank you so much for all the kind words, beautiful cards and lovely gifts that I have been given over these past few days. You have all been so thoughtful and generous over the course of the year and I really have appreciated and valued your support. 


I would like to wish you and your families a very happy and safe summer.

See you at the end of August!!!☀️

Ruth Millar

School’s Out for Summer!!!!

Sports’ Day Practice

Fun in the Sun...while it lasts!

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Our Numeracy Nursery Visit

P4 say "farewell" to a special friend!

P4 Christmas Talent Show Stars!

Dr. Beer, Rory's mum, came to talk to the P4s about her job as a Marine Biologist.  She told us lots of fascinating facts about things that live under the sea.  


We were all encouraged to get to the coast and investigate these treasures for ourselves by exploring in rock pools and along our many amazing beaches.  


It is so important for us to look after our environment as many unwanted materials are ending up in our oceans and causing damage to the creatures that live there. Let's all play our part in keeping our world beautiful!


Thank you, Dr Beer!

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A Day in the Life Of A 10-Year-Old Evacuee - Hands on History - BBC

More information: Follow Eric (voiced by Daniel Roche from Outnumbered) as he goes back in time to find out what the Second World War was like for children, from being evacuated and coping with rationed sweets and eggs, to collecting scrap metal to make Spitfires.

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Outdoor play with metre sticks!

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