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P.4. Advert

Making an Advert 

As the end of your time in P4 approaches, what better time to reflect on the time you spent in school and remember all of the things that you loved so much about P4. 


This week we are asking you to create an advertisement to promote P4 to other children, and adults, who don’t know what it’s like. 


Read through the PowerPoint and look over some of the examples which will help to give you some ideas of what to include. 


Plan your ideas using the planning sheet provided.

When you think you are ready to have a go at the ‘real thing’ use the checklist to ensure you have included everything that you need. 

You can either make your advert by hand (doing the writing and pictures yourself) or you can use your ICT skills to create your advert on the computer. 


Please then send us photograph/copy of your finished design. 

We can’t wait to see them!!