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Welcome to Primary Two!

P2 is a very busy place where we enjoy learning lots of new things. Our topics this year include: Under the Sea, Birthdays and Celebrations, Houses and Homes, People Who Help Us and The Zoo.
We love stories and we learn a lot about reading sounds and words using our Jolly Phonics Programme. We also use our sounds to help us when we write our own stories.

We enjoy numberwork and learning how to count, add and take away. We love using the computers and Ipads to find out new things and play games related to our classwork.

We really like going outside to investigate the world around our school.  We are looking forward to our class trip to Belfast Zoo in the summer term.

We always try to do our best for ourselves and our class and we enjoy working together to win points for our table and there is always a Friday sweet or two to finish off the week!


Mrs Millar / Mrs Brown

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Hello from P2

Hello from P2 1

Shopping Fun!

Shopping Fun! 1
Shopping Fun! 2
Shopping Fun! 3
Shopping Fun! 4
Shopping Fun! 5
Shopping Fun! 6
Shopping Fun! 7
Shopping Fun! 8
Shopping Fun! 9
Shopping Fun! 10

Show and tell

Show and tell 1
Show and tell 2
Show and tell 3
Show and tell 4
Show and tell 5
Show and tell 6
Show and tell 7
Show and tell 8
Show and tell 9
Show and tell 10

Numeracy fun!

Numeracy fun! 1
Numeracy fun! 2
Numeracy fun! 3
Numeracy fun! 4
Numeracy fun! 5
Numeracy fun! 6
Numeracy fun! 7

Chubby little snowmen!

Chubby little snowmen! 1
Chubby little snowmen! 2