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As our drop-off and pick-up times are to be strictly adhered to, there will unfortunately be little opportunity for conversations with the teachers in the mornings or afternoons. However, please feel free to make contact via the email address below with any queries or questions and, if a further conversation is required, a phone call can be arranged.

Thank you, in advance, for your understanding,

Ruth Millar


Nursery - Mrs J Hamilton (

Please do not think that we simply 'play'.


Play is the vehicle on which we learn. 

It takes us on an ongoing journey, allowing us to stop off, revisit and move on towards new goals.

Through play we develop physically, socially and academically.

Play enables us to explore, problem solve, predict and test theories.

Play provides us with natural opportunities to explore our world around us, discover our talents, to develop our gross and fine motor skills and to develop our early literacy and numeracy skills.

Through play we learn to negotiate and to work in groups, developing our communication and leadership skills.

We grow in confidence, independence and self esteem, all while developing a thirst for learning!

We experiment with mark making.
We learn to share our play space and toys.
We develop our imaginations.
We develop early numeracy skills.
We reenact real life experiences.
We develop our gross and fine motor skills.
We develop independence and social skills.
We make friends.
And during the process ......
We have a lot of fun making memories!!

Photos from the past two weeks!

Happy 4th birthday Freddie!
Super scallions!
Obstacle course fun!
What would you like to buy?
A puzzle man!
Helmet safety!
Beautiful nature art!
Star Wars inspired food by Iain
Art time!
Look at Iain’s paper dolls!
Super cutting and drawing!
VE Day picnic!
Homemade scones! Yum!
Marshmallow slime!
Baking time!
It’s a hard day at home school!
Cutting and drawing,
Numbers too!
A big thumbs up!
Star Wars building!
What a beautiful picture!
Super shape sorting!

Well done George! No stabilisers!! 🌟

Still image for this video

Week 5 photographs. Thanks again for sharing!

Water painting
Super farm animal drawings
A castle
What shall we buy at the shop?
Water fun outdoors!
A face made of natural things.
Super drawing!
500 pieces-wow!
Pizza making!
A set of green!
A set of rectangles!
Super cutting!
Hop scotch!
Natural art!
Can you see Noah’s name?
A picture for the teachers!
Shop fun!
What a kick!
Look at Alfie’s drawing!
Guess who?

Week 4. Have a look at what all your friends have been up to!

Construction fun!
Welly boot painting!
Doctor fun!
Wow! What a big farm puzzle.
Super work Elliana!
Look at Katie’s cutting!
Super colouring and cutting!
What a cute pumpkin!
Scavenger hunting!
Spin art!
Making buns!
Easter treats!
Super drawing by Lucia!
Great cutting.
Home made buns yum!
Animal matching!
Stay safe!

Week 3 construction challenge

A tower for Mr Dinosaur
A castle for Mickey Mouse
A house for a Ghostbuster character
Car construction
The finished house
A super house for bedtime rabbit.
Lots of rainbow building and a rainbow T-shirt too
A garage for a mouse and a car

Week 3 learning

Baa, Baa!
Spin art!
Super cutting!
Elliana drew her family!
Fantastic drawing!
Mrs Hamilton misses the boys and girls too!
Busy with numbers!
Super counting!
Stay home, stay safe!
Adding the paint!
Callum drew his family too!
Beautiful yellow daffodils!

Easter learning at home

Omolara managed to sequence all the eggs! 😀
A colourful egg!
Look what Katie and Sam made!
Great cutting!
Working  hard at construction!
Toasted mallows yum!
A fun game of Hoot Owl Hoot!

Home school fun!! Thanks to the parents for sharing.

A family picture!
Puzzle fun!
Super cutting!
The Lindsay band!
More puzzle fun!
Nathan working hard!
He is practising his name!
Motor skills with threading!
Looks at Noah’s great drawing!
Fab cutting by Sophia!
All dressed for purple day!
Sarah painted her family and did some pasting too!
Curtis is working hard!
I spy a painting of Mr Scott!
A great family picture by Tommy!
Counting fun!
A drawing of Mrs Hamilton
Dylan drew his family too!
What super sorting of his cars!
Love to see Snakes and Ladders out!
Fun with little sister!
Great to get outdoors!
A picnic!
Look at Sophia’s colour hunt!
George has drawn a rooster in a barn!

We made pancakes (AM)

We made pancakes and they were yummy! (PM)

The police came to visit.

We have been busy making fruit salad and cup cakes!

Yvonne and her Ambulance came to visit the nursery.

The best days are snow days!!

Winter topic fun

Pattern Day

We are learning all about winter. We hope that snow will come to Maghaberry soon!

A selection of photographs from our space and night time topic. (Am and Pm)

Debbie Doolittle and her animal friends visits the PM class

Debbie Doolittle and her animal friends visit the AM class

PM autumn and pumpkins (so far)

AM autumn and pumpkins (so far)

Welcome all our new children and families to Maghaberry Nursery Unit. It’s hard to believe that 4 weeks have already past. We have been spending time learning our routines and getting to know one another. We have played lots of games at circle time to help us learn each other’s names and we have all had opportunities to talk about our families, favourite toys, favourite foods and other things that are important to us. We have even ventured out of our nursery garden to look at the pumpkins in the school poly tunnel. Have a look at our photos and see what fun we have been having. 

Fun in the autumn sun (pm)

A few more photos of us all having lots of fun!!

Welcome to the AM class of 2019

Welcome to the pm class of 2019