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Hi boys and girls,


Great work with the construction challenge. Have a look at the nursery page to see what your friends made!  When we play with purpose and focus there is so much learning to be had!  Keep playing and parents keep looking for learning opportunities as your children play. That’s the ethos of nursery and how children learn best!

Love Mrs Hamilton


Mrs Madden, Miss Thompson and Mrs Salt have been looking at your photographs. They have sent you all a message. 

A big hello girls & boys.  I’m missing you all very much and can’t wait to see you all again very soon I hope.  Be helpful and kind to each other. 
Stay safe.  Oops nearly forgot, missing Mrs Hamilton, Miss Thompson & Mrs Salt too of course.  
Love Mrs Madden


Hi Everyone,
Missing our nursery fun so much. Hoping you are all having a great time doing your activities online and having fun in the sun outside.
Remember keep washing your hands!
Love from Miss Thompson

Hello to all the nursery boys and girls,

I hope you have had a great time exploring and learning new things at home over the last few weeks. I have learnt new things too; I am learning to crochet!! I really miss my Fridays with you all. I have seen some of you around the village, a few of you have walked past my house and waved in! I look forward to those times. Please say hello if you see me about. I pray you will all stay safe and well.
Love from Mrs Salt x

Outdoor  Play

Every day in nursery we try to get outdoors regardless of the weather, even just for a few minutes if it is really cold and wet. 
At this time of year we spend a lot of our nursery day outdoors. 
Outdoor play allows us to really work on our gross motor skills. 
Working on gross motor skills helps children gain strength and confidence in their bodies.  It also helps them get exercise and physical activity, which is important for a healthy lifestyle. Developing these skills helps a child’s ability to do more complex skills in future activities for example playing in a football team.

Between the ages of 4 – 5 years, children should be able to:

  • Walk a balance beam forwards & backwards
  • Perform somersaults
  • Balance on 1 foot for 8 – 10 seconds
  • Skip, alternating feet
  • Begin to jump with a rope
  • Throw a ball to hit a target
  • Jump back
  • Hop 5 times on 1 foot
  • Climb the rungs of a playground slide ladder
Often outdoor we replicate many of our indoor activities but on a much larger scale. 
Old rolls of wallpaper pinned to the fence is great for big drawing and painting. 

Outdoor obstacle course

In nursery the children love to make their own obstacle course. We are lucky to have old crates, wooden blocks, hoops and a variety of other resources. Why not have a look around your house and see what you could use to make an obstacle course. 
If you email your ideas, I will share with other parents. 



Bubble snakes

I was never brave enough to make these in nursery but my boys made them at a birthday party when they were younger. They were a lot of fun!

All you need is an empty water bottle from your recycling, tape and an old sock, fairy liquid and some food colouring if you have it. 
Start by cutting the bottom of the water bottle off.  Next slide the sock over the bottom of the bottle.  Secure with tape or you could use a rubber band as well. 
Pour some fairy liquid into a shallow container with a little bit of water and gently mix.  Dip the sock covered bubble blower into the solution and gently blow.  To make coloured bubbles add some food colouring onto the sock covered end.  


Homemade water toys

The resources the children love most in nursery are our homemade ones. Perhaps it’s because they are the messiest, they are therefore great for outdoor play. All you need are a range of containers from your recycling and a drill. 
Drill holes into your containers in a variety of sizes, some high, some low, in straight lines, zig-zags and at random. 
The children squeal in delight as they explore how the water behaves. The language and opportunities to experiment are endless.  Large milk containers and fabric conditioner bottles are particularly good fun and last year we turned them into watering cans and used them in our nursery garden. 

Rhymes and Songs for rhyme topic

Role play- Farm shop

Why not create a farm shop?
All you need is a toy cash register (if you have one),

some vegetables, plastic bags and some coins. Add pens and paper for the children to make signs, take orders and write receipts. 
Children always love shop role play and using real produce adds to the whole learning experience.