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Hi boys and girls,

I hope you are all keeping well and have had a lovely Easter. I am sure that the Easter bunny was good to you all.  
I have loved reading your emails and seeing what you have been up to.  Remember to have a look at the photos on our nursery page.

I have had a lovely Easter with my family. We put up our tent in the garden and slept out for two nights. One of the nights was so cold that we ended up heading back indoors at three in the morning.  Naughty Henry the dog sneaked an Easter Egg. We found him eating it behind the sofa. Thank goodness we found the egg before he had eaten too much chocolate. The last time  Henry managed to sneak some chocolate he ended up with a very sick tummy and he had to visit the vet. 🤢

Here is a photo of Matthew, Connor and I in our tent and one of Henry. 
Love Mrs Hamilton






It’s so hard for our kids to understand that they can’t see family members right now. Katie and her brother Sam have made “hugs” for their grandparents. I thought it was such a great idea that I decided to share it with you all. 
Thank you Katie and Sam 

The Farm

This month in nursery our theme is usually the farm with a visit from Blackberry Mobile Farm.  
For this topic my favourite circle time is: farm to plate. During the circle I always ask the children what they know about where their food comes from. The look of shock from some of the children when they learn that burgers are made of beef which comes from a cow is priceless. 
Below is a picture matching game which requires the children to match animals to their produce. 

Animal/produce picture match

Instructions on how to draw a sheep and a cow

Scavenger Hunts are a great way to motivate your child to keep moving while out for a walk and they are also great fun. Early reading and mark making skills are developed as the children read and mark off what they have found on the list. 

🌈 Savenger Hunt

Here is another scavenger hunt which your child can do independently in the house. This scavenger hunt will develop: problem solving skills, colour identification and matching, using marks to record information. Perhaps a sibling could help, developing teamwork and social skills. 

Salad Spinner Art

This is one of our most popular messy activities every year. The children are all over wanting a turn, with many of them coming back over several times. The activity develops gross motor skills, teamwork, turn taking and independence, as by this stage of the nursery year we are now letting the children fully access the paint and all other resources.  It is an easy activity that produces stunning art work that is worthy of framing.

Take some ordinary “squeezy” paint.  
Cut out some circles from any colour card, just smaller than the bottom of the basket inside the spinner.  

Put a circle of card in the basket. 

Squeeze paint directly onto the card- as many different colours as you like.  

Turn the handle and spin the basket really fast!  

In nursery we usually work in pairs: one child spinning, while the other holds the salad spinner in place.  
There are videos on you tube if you would like to watch a video before giving it a go. 


Construction Fun

Our construction area is one of our most popular play areas in nursery. It is here in the early days of nursery that friendships were formed as children learnt to share, compromise, cooperate and collaborate.  
The educational value of construction play is well documented.  
It develops: 

  • Creativity- It is through construction that we see so many children’s creative flare.
  •  Problem Solving-Through their constructive play, a child will learn what will work and what will not. 
  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills.
  • Hand and Eye Coordination- Children use hand-eye coordination whenever they build or construct.

Construction Challenge

In nursery the children love a construction challenge. They have such pride when our nursery bells chime signalling everybody to freeze so that a construction project can be shared with the class.  When the children have worked so hard on a project it can be hard when it comes to tidy time, but this problem is resolved by taking a photograph of the work.


This week I challenge the boys and girls to make something to put their doll or teddy inside. You can use your Duplo, Lego, Stickle Bricks, blocks or any other construction toys you have.  You can make a car, a castle, the list is endless. Happy building!

If you email me a photograph I will create an album on our website, so the children can all share their creations with one another.  




Construction made from cardboard tubes!