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Dear Parents,


We just wanted to send a little message to you all to say a huge thank you for such a lovely year. It is so sad that our year has been brought to such an abrupt end and all our lovely work has been taken down from the walls. We have honestly had the best year with a fantastic bunch of kids. They have all worked hard and played with great purpose making progress in all areas of our nursery curriculum. We have all made so many happy memories and the children have established close friendships, which many of them will take to primary 1. 
We are so sorry that we didn’t get to have our end of year show, but at some point when this is all over, We will organise for us all to get together and share our photos, memories and of course have a big sing song.  
Thank you for so much help and support throughout the year. Every year we always feel blessed in our work to meet such lovely families. 
I hope that in the coming weeks I will still be able to help you as much as possible. 
If you have any concerns about your child’s development or simply have a question about the play suggestions, transitioning into primary 1, or you would just like to stay in touch, I can be contacted by email. 


Please stay safe, 

Love and best wishes, 


Joanne Hamilton, Jackie Madden, Gemma Thompson and Cherith Salt



Picture request

Bear Hunt- I was out with my children today and bears have popped up in lots of windows in my village.

Creating Structure in your Child’s day


Although our nursery day is based around play, there is a lot of planning and structure involved. 
In preparation for primary 1 it would be a good idea if you could try and keep some of this structure going with your child’s play.  You may want to consider a range of open ended activities. These are activities with no definite finish for example playing with Lego, cars or blocks. Open ended play allows children to play freely and creatively and there are lots of opportunities for language development and imaginative thinking.
 In contrast it is also important to have more structured closed activities as part of your routine. Closed activities have a clearly defined start and finish. Examples are puzzles, matching, sorting. These activities develop perseverance, focus and task completion which are important skills for primary 1.  In nursery if a child starts a closed activity they are always encouraged to complete before they move on. If your child is losing interest it’s ok to encourage, guide and even work together. 
Over the next couple of months I will be posting activity suggestions, but I fully understand that every family has different circumstances.  They are only suggestions, so please no pressure on top of what is already an extremely stressful situation. 






Books, books and more books!!

One to One Counting!


                   Go out on a Spring Walk!


Talk about the weather.

Look out for:

Pussy willows/daffodils and primroses

Buds on the trees and plants

Birds building nests

Talk about animals coming out of hibernation – this links with our work in the autumn.

Ask your child what they remember about autumn and winter in nursery. If they can’t remember, look back at our photos. This will help the children keep a connection with our school and with their friends so when they do come back everything will still feel familiar. (Don’t forget to let your child put on their own coat and shoes. Lots of the children can now even do their own zip.  Right now we all want to wrap our children up in cotton wool, but let’s not let them loose their independence!)

Developing cutting skills

Many of you will have picked up the cutting sheets from school. They are just to get you started. Using scissors develops your child’s motor skills, motor strength and coordination. Development of these skills will help your child when they are formally learning to write in primary one. The sheets are also a closed, structured task as earlier mentioned, so they will also develop focus and perseverance. 
Key things to remember-

  • thumb to the ceiling
  • cut away from the body
  • turn the page not your hand

If you feel that your child could benefit from more cutting practice check out Kumon cutting skills books on Amazon. This one is a fantastic resource which I used with my own two children when they were at nursery.