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This week, our aim is to complete the addition to 5 book. There are also some addition activities in the photocopied booklet the staff put together before lockdown to complete, and you can work through the remainder of that book at your leisure.


Activity 1

Pg 11 Hot cross buns

Today, and for the rest of the week, use the physical counting materials only if your child needs them – we are working towards learning number facts and enhancing mental maths capabilities. However, if your child is still relying on concrete objects, do not rush to remove them – this will develop in time.

Extension: Try and click on adding games – or explore other activities on this site for extra mathematical fun!


Activity 2

Pg 12 1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive

Extension: Another fun way to practise addition is with your number cards and a fly swat (make your own by drawing round and cutting out your hand print, and taping it to a ruler or kitchen spatula etc) Call out a sum, and ask your child to “swat” the right answer. You could use the mathematical language of “1 more than/ 1 less than”, “2 more than/ 2 less than” as a challenge.


Activity 3

Pg 13 Aeroplane addition facts to 5 All answers on a postcard (or an email lol!) Does anyone have any idea what rhyme might tie in with today’s activity?! I’m at a loss!

There are 3 part sums at the very bottom of this page – encourage your child to add the first 2 numbers, find the answer, and then using this answer, add the 3rd number to find the total. You may need to get the Lego/pasta/etc out for this one!

Extension: A variation on yesterday’s game could be done with numbers chalked out on your driveway or path – ask your child to jump to the right answer. Tailor the sums to your child’s ability, with easy and tricky sums thrown in for good measure!


Activity 4

Pg 14 Brick wall addition facts to 5

Help Humpty find the answers! The last sum is a wee challenge – again, grab 5 Legos/pasta/etc and see if your child can make 3 groups – they will NOT be even, but it might help them visualise the concept of the sum.


Activity 5

Pg 15 Consolidation Colour to make activity.

This is a slightly different way to present adding sums to your child, so if they are unsure at the beginning, do not worry. Ask your child some sums that have the answer 4 before they tackle the first activity, and hopefully they will make the connection! Repeat with sums that have a total of 5. Extend this activity by asking is there more than 1 way to make 5 with the numbers given? Let your child experiment with the numbers, and encourage all their attempts e.g. “oh you added 2+2, and worked out the answer is 4 – well done! We are trying to get a total of 5 -what else can we add to 4 to get the answer 5?”

If this is too much today, do some practical adding with socks/ teddies/ jelly tots – practice practice practice!