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Activity 1:

All this week, you can pick any of the starter activities for maths this week – some oral maths questions, getting materials out to count with, skip counting – you are free to decide!

We are going to continue with our addition book this week, and today we are looking at 1 more than and 2 more than, on page 8 of the Addition to 5 book.

First, ask your child to count how many birds are already in the pie – record this in the first empty box. Now ask your child to draw 1 more bird on the other side of the basket handle. Ask your child how many birds are in the pie now? Encourage your child to touch count the birds, and record the answer in the correct box. Some the children may be starting to do these calculations mentally, but you could ask them to touch count to double check!

When you are ready, move on the washing line illustrations at the bottom of the page, making sure your child knows the activity has changed to 2 more. Repeat the process of drawing and counting the objects.

Have a go at singing Sing a Song of Sixpence, and The Wishy Washy Washer Woman (Kids Learning Station) once you are done!


Activity 2:

Hopefully, your child is beginning to show some confidence in the area of addition, and some of the children may be starting to work independently on these tasks as they would have in class.

After a little starter activity of your choice, turn to page 9 of your workbook, and complete the “Mary had a little lamb” counting activity. Continue to support your child by: using pieces of Lego or pasta etc to help physically count if this helps/ encourage accurate touch counting/ if your child is ready, see if they can count each “field” in their head.

You will know best what stage your child is at, and be guided by this – don’t feel you have to rush your child through the stages, as a strong foundation is easier to build upon in the future!

Again, have a go at singing through Mary had a little lamb – do any older siblings know how to play this on an instrument? Have a sing a long!


Extension activity: Word problem cards. Show your child a card, and read it out to them. They can use Lego etc to count out, write the sum down or try to work it out using their fingers/mental maths – the choice is yours!


Activity 3:

Today’s activity is found on page 10 of the Addition to 5 booklet, and is based on the nursery rhyme Oranges and Lemons. You know the drill by now – quick mental maths starter activity, and then get stuck in to some fabulous addition!

I have linked a PowerPoint for this nursery rhyme, as it’s one most of the children don’t know very well. I couldn’t get past the first 2 lines….!


Activity 4

Number sequencing caterpillars

This is a lovely little activity linking in with the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. If you still have the number cards from back at the very start of lockdown, ask your child to set them out in order. You could make new ones on scraps of paper today if you wish! See how far your child can go independently.

Now ask them to close their eyes – no peeking! Remove a number from the line, and then, once eyes are open again (!) ask your child to work out what number is missing. Try removing 2 numbers, then 2 numbers that are beside each other, or even 3 numbers, and see if your child can identify the missing digits. Offer your child the number cards you removed – can they put them back in the right order?  Start with numbers up to 10, then if your child is ready, include numbers to 15, and as a challenge go right up to 20!

Then complete the worksheet once the fun is over!


Activity 5

A nice little game to play to finish the week:

Roll and colour, or Roll, add and colour – print and play which ever game you think your child would enjoy (or all 3!)

You could adapt this game so  instead of printing and colouring in, you collect Lego/ pasta/ pebbles/ shells etc E.g. If you roll a 3, you collect 3 garden pebbles. Take 5 goes each, and see who has the most at the end. If you have no dice, use the number cards face down in a pile, well shuffled of course! Your child won’t realise there is lots of number recognition, turn taking and adding in this wee activity – they’ll hopefully just be having fun!