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Welcome to our Numeracy Page.

Below we will have tasks assigned for tables practise, mental maths and maths facts and core numeracy teaching. As with literacy, each activity will progress in difficulty as we move down the page.


Don't forget to really show off to the grown ups you can become teacher at home and teach them the 'new' way of answering our questions.


Have fun!



Carry out your daily mental maths as you would do in school, one column per day.

I will upload a Friday Check Up sheet each week which will be used to assess your understanding.

This week we are completing Monday - Thursday on Pg 56 & 57.



Below you will find some worksheets to complete using your times tables knowledge. This week we will be revising our x6 multiplication and division facts.

Remember you can use Hit the Button on a google too, for free, to practise your tables. Challenge your friends and parents too. 



This section will recap and revise key numeracy concepts to support our learning.

This week we will be converting Metric units measuring length, weight and capacity / volume.

CORE MATHS TEACHING - Multiplication 

This week we are looking at written multiplication of TU, HTU and ThHTU multiplied by a single digit up to x9.

Remember Place Value, we start multiplying from the Units / Ones and carry over to the next column when we have an answer more than 9.


Test your friends by sending them some questions you have made up. Make sure you know the answer too before you challenge them!

Activity 1) Table Facts

Activity 2) Two Digit x Units

Activity 3) Two Digit x Units (Money)

Activity 4) ThHTU x U (x2 - x5 & x6 - x9)

Activity 5) ThTU x U (x2 - x9) Money

Activity 6) 4 Digit Number by A Single Digit

Activity 7) ThTU x2 - x9