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Mental Maths 

Mental Maths warm ups continue as normal.  Remember to read each question carefully and work on becoming more accurate as the week goes on.  You should have plenty of time to look over your answers and see where you are making mistakes.  This will help you to avoid making them next time. 

This week you should be completing Monday - Thursday pages 64- 65


Copies of the new mental maths booklet are still available from the front door of the school.
Please collect if you haven’t already done so at some stage this week (Daily:9-4pm).

PDFs for this week are below. 


This week we are going to learn the 8 points of the compass.




Can you label the correct arrows?

Can you start at south and turn one quarter turn clockwise? Where are you pointing now?

You can practice these on the pages below and it is also great fun to play direction games with your family - direct them around the garden using compass point directions.  It can be simple one direction commands at a time or you could write a whole series of directions for someone to follow.



Compass Points

I have included a link to a very interesting article about a language that uses compass points instead of direction words.  Do you think its a good idea?


This week we are going to be completing some of the Assessment Book pages.  We have worked on Money for a few weeks over lockdown so these pages will allow you to see if you have understood what we have covered.  It is a good idea to complete these alone without any help and then go over them with your Home School teacher.  That way you can see how much you know independently.  Don't panic - it's not a test and not everyone will be able to do everything, just do your best. 

The pages you should complete are: 19 and 20

Word Problems 

These word problems give us an opportunity to try out all the mathematical skills we have learnt.  Read the questions carefully and decide on the best approach.  Remember to think about the information in the question and decide if it is necessary -  sometimes there are facts and numbers you don't need.  It's up to you to decide. 

Some people have been in touch this week to say that these word problems are causing them a bit of a problem (and that's just the Mums and Dads!).  The main issue with word problems is that they do not always have only one way of solving them.  They are meant to be discussed and solved in a group or with a partner.  Is there anyway you could do that this week?  A family member? Can you use technology to connect with others in the class? 

The other thing to remember is that we can't do everything at once, sometimes we need to split these worksheets over a few days.  The first three questions should be ok for most people.  The middle three will need a bit more thought.  The final three are the extension questions and are designed to make you think.  Just do your best.