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The following are some areas of Numeracy that we cover each week in Primary Five.  The activities mentioned are either attached as downloadable documents or have been sent home in booklet form. 


Please resist the temptation to let your child work ahead of what is recommended each week as, if we return to school before the end of June, we will try to pick up from the point we have covered on this site.  If you find that your child copes particularly well with any task, please avail of the links at the bottom of the Contingency Resources to extend their learning and practise skills in different ways.


Thank you,

L. Kennedy and R. Millar

Mental Maths

Each morning we start with a Mental Maths warm up.  The booklet is in your learning pack.

This week you should complete Monday - Thursday page 50-51



This week we are concentrating on fractions.  Refer to your tables book.

Can you place various fractions in the correct order on a number line?


We were just beginning to master HTU addition and subtraction so this week we are going to continue to practise these skills. Parents please resist the temptation to show the "old" way.  The children all know how to exchange when subtracting.



Shape and Space

This week we will be continuing our work on area and perimeter.   

Watch the two PowerPoints and then complete the attached worksheet.



Word Problems

Word problems give us an opportunity to use a variety of mathematical skills.  These word problems should be worked through independently and then discussed.  The questions are divided into three sections and get progressively more difficult.  You may only be able to complete the first section independently - that's ok.