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Parents, please don't panic if you have had a few of these moments over the last few weeks. You are all doing a fantastic job in what is the most bizarre situation. We are all trying to do our best and as teachers we have tried to provide you with the materials needed to help keep your child on task whilst at home. Some weeks will go better than others,  however, there are so many other things to juggle whilst at home that no matter what plans we make, things can change due to matters beyond our control.


Routine, (if possible), works -  in my house my children work really well in the morning, but from lunch until dinner they take a break to catch up online with friends, or to bake together, or to simply have some time out. They then spend a little bit more time with school/ Uni work after dinner.


Be assured, when we return to school we will revisit the concepts covered during these times at home.


I hope this helps - if you are unsure about anything we have planned for the week please ask, we're all working through this together.