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Mental Maths

Mental Maths warm ups continue as normal.  Remember to read each question carefully and work on becoming more accurate as the week goes on.  You should have plenty of time to look over your answers and see where you are making mistakes.  This will help you to avoid making them next time. 

This week you should be completing Monday - Thursday pages 54 -55


This week we will be continuing to work on quick recall. As we will be looking at money this week we will be combining number bonds and work within £1.00 - £5.00 and £10.00. 

Questions should include  

1. If I have 50p how much do I need to make £1?

2. If I spend 60p how much change from £1?

3. If I have £3.50 how much do I need to make £5?

4. If I spend £8.20 how much change will I have from £10?

These questions should be worked out in your head and will form the mental maths part of your Friday check up



We are going to revise Money this week before we move onto some newer work next week.  The following worksheets should be completed at your own speed and take your time to ensure you are confident each time before you move on.  If you wish to make a shop in your house you could make prices for toys, sweets, food or DVD's.  It is a great way to use your money skills. 


Word Problems 

These word problems give us an opportunity to try out all the mathematical skills we have learnt.  Read the questions carefully and decide on the best approach.  Remember to think about the information in the question and decide if it is necessary -  sometimes there are facts and numbers you don't need.  It's up to you to decide.