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Either: Print off the jar and sweets for these activities, or find a container and either some colourful bits of Lego/ colour some pasta/ draw some sweet shapes and cut them out. Your child is used to seeing my drawing on the whiteboard, so they will not question your images  - if you say it is a sweet, it totally is a sweet lol!


Activity 1: Counting

Add a mixture of sweets (or whatever you are using) to the jar/container.  Ask your child to count how many there are. Continue this activity, changing the arrangement of the sweets, and varying the amount.  How many are there now? Start using numbers within 10, and extend to 15 or up to 20 if you think your child would rise to the challenge!


Activity 2: Early adding

Place a SMALL amount of sweets in the jar. Ask your child to add 1 more to the jar. Can they tell you the new amount? After a few goes, challenge them to think about the number they counted at the beginning, and to add one more mentally rather than counting all the sweets from scratch – but do not force it if they are not ready!

Extend: if your child has mastered this (over the next few days) , increase the number of sweets in the jar at the beginning, and once they are confident adding 1 more, ask them to add 2 more.


Activity 3: Sweet patterns

Ask your child to sort the sweets by colour, and then pick 2 colours. Now start a pattern for them to complete, to remind them what a pattern is! It could be red, blue, red, blue – can they continue? Can they make their own pattern? Can they use 3 colours to make the pattern? If you start off red, red, blue, can they continue this new pattern?


Activity 4: One less than

Put some sweets in the jar. Count them. Ask your child to take  sweet out of the jar. Can they work out the new total? Continue with different amounts of sweets in the jar. Again, this can easily be extended by increasing the numbers anywhere up to 20. A further extension would be to remove 2 sweets each time, and to encourage the children to think about the answer mentally e.g. 5 count back 2 is 3 rather than touch counting them each time. This mental maths skill will be tricky in the beginning, but with a little practice it will become easier.


Activity 5: Thinking skills

Ask your child to design a new sweet for the jar! It can be any flavours they like. Can they also design a new wrapper for the sweet? The ones we have used all week have been plain – can they make theirs more exciting? What will they call the new sweet? If they are really enthused, they could design a poster to advertise the sweets they have made! Use today to revise any of the activities your child found difficult, or to extend concepts they were competent in earlier in the week. Have fun!