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Mental Maths

Mental Maths warm ups continue as normal.  Remember to read each question carefully and work on becoming more accurate as the week goes on.  You should have plenty of time to look over your answers and see where you are making mistakes.  This will help you to avoid making them next time. 

This week you should be completing Monday - Thursday pages 52-53


This week we will be continuing to work on fractions for mental maths recall.  We want you to practise being able to quickly be able to write down the answers to these types of fraction questions - 

What is half of any number up to 1000?

What is one fifth of any number up to 1000?

What is one tenth of any number up to 1000?


Parents - this will be the basis of the Friday check- up this week.  Depending on how your child/children have been doing this week you should call out a mixture of these questions and ask them to write down the answer - 

e.g. 1. One half of 50   2. One fifth of 100   3. One tenth of 70



We hope all is going well in HTU world.  I know the Primary 5's are competent - are mums and dads?

This week we have attached a few pages from our class numeracy books.  These should be completed in your numeracy book.  Remember to set it out properly.

WALT: refer to the top of the page.

Shape and Space 

I hope you all got on well with the work on area and perimeter last week.  You should all now know the difference between the space covered by a shape (area) and the distance measured around the outside of the shape (perimeter).


This week we are going to use that new knowledge. 

First of all complete the attached worksheet. 

If you feel up for a challenge we have also attached a project pack which would allow you to use your area and perimeter skills in a practical way.  Parents - we have included the whole pack, including teaching notes and answers, so have a look and work through at an appropriate speed and level.  Stop and go back over basics if needed or if you feel you have a budding architect, carpet fitter or interior designer at home then let them work away!



Word Problems 

These word problems give us an opportunity to try out all the mathematical skills we have learnt.  Read the questions carefully and decide on the best approach.  Remember to think about the information in the question and decide if it is necessary -  sometimes there are facts and numbers you don't need.  It's up to you to decide.