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I am becoming increasingly concerned about the safety of our children around the school gates, particularly as we head into more wintery weather. Please abide by the following request to minimise the chances of someone getting hurt.


Keep the Yellow Chevrons Clear

This is essential, both to minimise the traffic movement right at the gate and to ensure that families crossing from the church car park are safe. I have asked the PSNI to monitor this.


Don’t Park Opposite the Yellow Chevrons

It is tempting to park directly opposite the yellow chevrons, on the footpath outside the church. But I ask you to avoid parking there to keep the movement of traffic around the gate area as low as possible and to ensure that families crossing from the church are able to see up and down the road clearly.


Don’t Park on the Road

If the lay-by is full please don’t park with parts of your car on the road or pavement. This presents a danger to the traffic flow and to the children on the pavement.


Take Your Time

The safety of our children is my paramount concern and outweighs everything else, including convenience or being on time. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining or if the children are a few minutes late. Getting wet or being late is preferable to having an accident.


I know that getting parked outside the school can be difficult but it only takes a quick lapse in judgement for a tragedy to happen.


Thank you,

Graham Gault