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Collection of reports, books and belongings

Reports, books and belongings are available to collect from 12.00 today.

Year 1 - 7 items are in the hall and nursery items are in the nursery.


We will be open until 7.00 this evening and then again in the morning from 9 until 12.


  • Only one adult is able to come into the school building to collect the items (no children);
  • Because it is raining, entrance to the hall will be through the front door of the school;
  • Exit is through the side doors of the hall and then through the side gate;
  • Only 6 adults are allowed in the hall at any one time;
  • Collection of nursery items is from the rear of the nursery.
  • Make sure you bring a bag!


We are spreading this out over a long period of time to prevent any groups of people.
Please abide by social distancing practices.
Only lift or handle the items which belong to your own child.




Along with your reports (apart from the Year 7 reports) is a letter from me which sets out some broad details for next year. It is very important that you read all of this letter.