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Mrs Wilson P1

Wow P1 boys and girls – well done! – we have reached the end of your first year at primary school!


It has been a year like no other but you have all coped incredibly well, and I am so very proud of each and every one of you for keeping going at home when we couldn’t see each other in school. 


It has been a great encouragement to me to read the emails your parents  - and some of you! - have been sending, and to see all those wee smiling faces in the pictures you have sent of your completed activities – it did my heart good to see each and everyone of them!


I’m sorry we couldn’t have our end of year celebrations together, but if you  *tidy your room/ *practice your phonics/*whatever else your grown ups want to add in at this point!!!   I just might have a word with the grown-ups, and try to persuade them to let you have a little "End of Year" celebration at home with your family instead!


You have a been a great class to teach and you have worked and played so well together. It was an absolute pleasure to have been your teacher this year, and you will always be The P1 Class that Survived Lockdown -  what an accolade!


And parents, a huge thanks to you for keeping your little people going throughout this pandemic. It has not been easy by any stretch of the imagination, but we made it, and we kept each other safe. Hopefully we will be able to see you all soon.


In the meantime, if you want to keep in touch over the summer, or send photos of those tidy rooms and your family celebrations, my email address is I’d love to hear from you! And hopefully over the past few weeks, we have given you enough practical ideas to return to over the summer months to help your child retain the things they have worked so hard to learn all year - keep going over their Jolly Phonics sounds, keep counting and adding in fun, playful ways, and they will be more than ready for their return to school!


So when you come to collect your bag of belongings from school, have a good look though it -there is a wee surprise for you, and there is also a little “End of Year” booklet for you to flick through in addition to your work and paintings etc.  


Thanks for a great year!


Best wishes


Mrs Wilson, Mrs Bodell and Mrs Robinson