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Mr Duddy P7

Well folks,


We made it. 16 weeks of home schooling, 106 days, 2544 hours, 152,640 minutes and today is the last day.

You have all been amazing. Stepping up to help out at home, baking, cooking, gardening, sewing, teaching your siblings (and maybe parents) to list just a few.

I am so proud of you all! You have been amazing. Tonight, give those at home an extr long hug to say thank you, to show you love them. Parents, you have been amazing and the boys and girls have been so lucky to have you with them through this journey. Look back at this time with fond memories. Remember the stress of balancing work with home schooling. The decisions of going to the shops or ordering online. Most importantly think of the amazing time you have had with your children at home, with you, spending quality time before they make their next steps to 'big' school. For those parents who will be leaving MPS on Friday for the last time, thank you. Thank you for your support. We wish you all the best in the future. You will also be missed.


I have been lucky. I have been able to spend two years with you guys. A year in 'the Penthouse' in P5 and the amazing time we spent in P7. Seeing you grow, mature, change into the amazing young adults you are. You have been amazing buddies, amazing examples to the rest of the school and truly, an amazing P7 class. you will always be thought of with such lovely memories.


This has been such a strange, challenging time for everyone and you have all done your part. Socially distanced playdates, clapping for key workers, numerous Facetimes and zoom quizzes. All great things to do but I know it doesn't quite measure up to the expectations you had for you final term in P7 and in turn your final days at MPS!

This is a very bittersweet time for me. I am so excited for you all to begin your next chapter and move to your new schools; but I am sad, so sad, that we missed out on all the fun we had planned and promised.


You will all be greatly missed by everyone at MPS and you know you are always welcome. We love to see you back in your new uniform and hear about all the amazing things you have been up to. We will be arranging a 'formal' meeting at some stage in the new term to get our 'P7' photos in our new uniforms.


I am looking forward to Friday to see you all and get a chat.

After that, have an amazing summer. Stay safe. Keep smiling. Be excited. Next year is going to be amazing.


Take care.

Lots of love to you all.


Jonny Duddy.