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Miss Kennedy P5

Well we did it!  This has been a strange year for us all in P5 and that's before we even begin to talk about the past 12 weeks.  This time last year when you found out you were going to be upstairs in the unusual classroom you were probably excited and a bit nervous.  The classroom tables were strange and the chairs were on wheels.  How would that work?  Very quickly we realised that we were so lucky - our own little kingdom up in the attic - where nobody came to bother us.  After a few false starts we came to terms with the chairs and the folders and the long walks to the bathroom.  We even managed to keep the classroom dry most of the time (we only forgot the windows a few times!)

We have had a lovely, if short, year together and we have managed to work our way through some very tricky maths and literacy concepts and have had some fun with Mrs Millar's Primary 5's in the afternoons.  It was a tight squeeze but they were always very welcome to join us and add to our fun. 

I have particularly enjoyed our project afternoons when you were able to show your independence and maturity and work together to produce some great work on Stone Age Man and your Egyptian projects.  I was also very impressed at your ICT skills  - your games were great. 

And so - March 16th 2020.

Little did we know then that we would not return after our St Patricks Day holiday.  I am so glad we decided to say our Goodbye's to Marley that day - we will miss you Marley but we were so glad to have you in P5. 

I am so proud of every single one of you.  Some of you have worked so hard and have completed every piece of work set and have read lots of books and have completed lots of AR test and have been so productive.  Some of you have been working on other projects and haven't been accessing the school site very much.  Some of you have been supporting family and helping out at home and haven't really thought too much about school.  Whatever your situation I am still proud of you.. This has been such a strange time and hopefully we will never experience anything like it again so I am just so pleased that we have come through it and will have an opportunity to get back to school in September. 

If you feel like working over the summer then have a look back over the class pages and see if there is anything you missed or want to have a look at again but don't feel you have to complete everything - there will be lots of revision next year. 

Have a great summer - hopefully we will be able to meet up with friends and family and things will be a bit more normal as the days pass.  Look after yourself!

Thank you 

Miss Kennedy


Parents - just a quick note to say Thank You to you.  I know how daunting and scary this has been for you but I do hope you have found some of it enjoyable.  When did you ever think you would have this much time with your children and have so much involvement in their school life? I know some of you have loved it and have embraced it 100% whilst some of you have found it more of a struggle.  Whatever camp you fall into you should also be so proud of your efforts - you have all been amazing.  Thank you so much.


If anyone wants to send an email over the summer just to say hi please do so.

Miss Kennedy

P5 Summer Revision

Don't forget all about the 12 weeks of resources on the Home School site that will still be available over the Summer...just in case you are bored on a wet July/August morning!