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Activity 1: Fine motor skills.

Ask your child to carefully cut along the lines on the sound cards and number cards that we have put in your wee piles of work. Remember thumb is always on top, facing the ceiling!

Talk about the best way to keep the cards safe, and keep sounds and numbers separate.



Activity 2: Sorting: Sound and number recognition.

Put all the cards out on the table.

Ask your child to put all the numbers in one pile and the sounds in a different pile.

Extend this activity by asking them to tell you the sound or number on each card.

If your child finds some of the sounds tricky, keep these and 10 others that they know to the side, and work on these with them before tackling any further activities. By keeping ones they know well with the sounds they are finding hard, you are still allowing them to experience success with their sounds, but keeping an element of challenge fin the activity.

Try to make the sounds with play dough, Lego, socks, pasta etc. it doesn’t have to be pencil and paper – see below for other ideas.



Activity 3: Blending.

Pick a word from your blending book, and ask your child to identify the beginning sound. Now see if they can locate the sound from their sound cards.

Extend this activity by asking your child to identify all the sounds they can hear in the word. If they find this tricky, show them the word written down. Now ask them to find all the sounds in the words from their pile of sounds.

Can your child set the sounds out in the correct order?

Count how many sounds are in the word. Grab a pencil and paper and ask your child to write the word. Now turn around and let them write the word on your back with their finger!

Variations on this activity are to paint the words in water on your outside wall/ fence/ paving slabs etc. A shallow baking tray and a fine layer of flour/ sugar/ salt/ ice cream sprinkles / shaving foam (this one is the messiest by FAR!) is also fun to write in and changes it up a bit for your child. They mightn’t even realise they are doing work!


Activity 4: Jolly Phonics revision

Use your Jolly Phonics revision book (that will almost be finished) and find the 'ch' page. Please listen to the 'ch' song on YouTube and talk to your child about some 'ch' words - church / chum / cheese / chick / chips / lunch / bunch / crunch etc. Complete the 'ch' page - handwriting ch / ng / v / oo / y / x then put a cross through the picture at the bottom that does not have the 'ch' sound. Please encourage your child to write each word beside the corresponding picture. They should be able to sound out each word. If you would like an extension for this, please ask your child to tell you / write a sentence using 'ch' word e.g. 'I see a chick.'


Activity 5: Phonics - initial sounds

Using your phonics revision book, please complete the first page. Talk to your child about each picture, 'toe / spoon / parrot / popcorn / television / astronaut'

Ask your child to identify and write the initial sound for each picture in the box below. For example, for the 'toe' picture, your child should write 't' in the box below.