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Hi everyone, we hope you are all still well. We have such sad hearts at the minute because we miss you all but such proud hearts for the hard work you have been doing at home and how well you have managed to stay safe. This time of year in school is usually full of outdoor learning, Sports Day practice and fun wee activities where we are all just making the most of our last couple of weeks together. We are really missing that with you all this year. We are sure you are all as tired as us and getting to that wee stage of motivation maybe not being as high as it was 12 weeks ago. That's completely normal. We are almost there and you can all have such a well deserved Summer break. Below you will find your activities for this week. Enjoy your week ahead. Make time for fun and relaxation. You all deserve it.


Lots of love,


Miss Bryans, Mrs Brown & Mrs Millar



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Activity one - Grammar Book 1 - spelling - 'ff'

Using your child's Jolly Phonics Grammar Book 1 -  Our spellings for this week are List 8. These are the words that you will use on Friday for your weekly check up -  up / man / crab / off / cliff / stiff / cuff / come / some / stuffing

Remember, in the lists each week there are a variety of words, some with a specific sound, some words that can be 'sounded out' and some tricky words. At the end of each week, we will ask that you do a little check up with these words so please work on them throughout the week.


Find the page in Grammar Book 1 with 'ff' and the cliffs. I have put the teaching prompt page for 'ff' at the bottom of this page to help you explain the double 'f' to your child.


On the next page, you will see space for 'Dictation' and 'Sentences'. On this page, call out the following for your child. You may wish to help them by 'sounding out' with them and saying the letter names when you come to the 'tricky words'.

1. off

2. cuff

3. huff

4. gruff

5. ruff

6. cliff


1. He can jump off the step.

2. She ran up the cliff.

3. We must not sniff.



Activity two - Grammar Book 1 - Grammar - 'a' or 'an'

Using your child's Grammar Book 1, find the next page with 'a' or 'an' on it. This is a new concept so please follow the guidance on the teaching prompt page at the bottom of this page. Instructions for your child's activity is on the prompt page.



Activity three - Literacy Booklet ABC - Colour words.

Using Literacy Booklet ABC,  find the next page where your child will be asked to look at colour words. These are common irregular words that your child should become familiar with. Read the colours on each balloon and colour them appropriately. Try spelling each colour aloud together a few times.  



Activity four - Jolly Phonics Pupil Book 2

In your Jolly Phonics Pupil Book 2 - find the next pages which should be the last two pages in this booklet. You will see er / ir / ur words. Read the words together and get your child to identify which representation is used in each. Below, complete the crossword. Crosswords may not be very familiar to your child so you may need to explain how to fill them out.

On the next page, you will see a bear and ear / air / are words. Read the words together identifying which representation is used in each. At the bottom of this page you will see Tricky Words, every / mother / father. Trace the words, spell aloud and colour the edge of the flowers brown.   


Activity five - Spelling check up

Using Spelling List 8 from your Grammar Book 1, carry out a wee check up with your child. Call out each word and ask them to write it down. Remind them that some of the words can be sounded out and some may be Tricky Words. Here is a reminder of our list 6 words,

1. up

2. man

3. crab

4. off

5. cliff

6. stiff

7. cuff

8. come

9. some

10. stuffing


You can extend this by calling out a sentence using one or more of the words from this list.

This is all you need to do today. Now, go and grab a book and chill out and read or even better, ask an adult to read your favourite story to you while you relax.

Activity one - spelling ‘ff’ teaching prompt

Activity two - ‘a’ or ‘an’ teaching prompt