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Hi everyone, we hope you are all still well. We have such sad hearts at the minute because we miss you all but such proud hearts for the hard work you have been doing at home and how well you have managed to stay safe. This time of year in school is usually full of outdoor learning, Sports Day practice and fun wee activities where we are all just making the most of our last couple of weeks together. We are really missing that with you all this year. We are sure you are all as tired as us and getting to that wee stage of motivation maybe not being as high as it was 12 weeks ago. That's completely normal. We are almost there and you can all have such a well deserved Summer break. Below you will find your activities for this week. They are mostly a little more easy going and practical than usual so please have fun with them. The first activity, which is the only one that involves writing, you can do throughout the week if you wish. Other than that, enjoy your week ahead. Make time for fun and relaxation. You all deserve it.


Lots of love,


Miss Bryans & Mrs Wilson



Activity one - Letter to your new teacher

With the help of an adult at home, write a short letter to your new teacher. We know that you don't know who that will be yet, but leave the 'to __________' part blank to fill in when you are told. It will be so lovely for your new teachers to hear from you. You might like to tell them your favourite thing about school in P1 or maybe you would like to tell them what you have been up to during lockdown.

Parents, some of your children will be ready to write their own sentences and will be able to complete this activity with only a little bit of assistance. Others may need a lot of help. That is completely ok. You may wish to have your child tell you what they would like to write and you can write as they tell you what they want to say. They can always just sign their name at the end of the letter and can draw a wee picture to go with it. At some stage, once you have found out who your new teacher will be, you may wish to post your letter to the school.



Activity two - Drama

Using some dressing up clothes or even some adult clothes that you find at home, put on a wee show. You can have a think about different characters that you might be or even get your brothers and sisters to join in with you and have a good think about what your show will be about. Think about characters and storyline. Have fun with this one. Remember to practise different voices when you are being different characters. Have a think about whether your show will be funny, sad, scary, exciting, or maybe even a wee love story. Once you've practised, ask your family to have a seat and be your audience.



Activity three - Jolly Phonics and Tricky Word revision

Please use today to do some revision. You may wish to sing the songs and do the actions of our Jolly Phonics sounds or extend this a little further to sounding out some words. You can tap the sounds out on your arm and spell them aloud or maybe you could write them on a page, whiteboard or use chalk and write them on the ground outside. Challenge your parents to spell some words and you check to see if they are correct. They may even make some mistakes to see if you can spot them!

For your Tricky Words, please keep revising these. You may wish to spell each word out loud and jump or hop as your say each letter name. For example, 'the' - hop and say letter name 't', hop and say letter name 'h' and hop and say letter name 'e'. The movement here will help you remember how to spell these tricky words.


Activity four - Scissor skills

Can you create a fun, imaginary pet using cut out shapes? You can cut lots of shapes using straight lines and wiggly lines and some shapes that you already know and stick these all together to create your own imaginary character. Think about your imaginary it a dog? A cat? A dragon? Or a totally new animal that no one else even knows about? Give your character a name and add some colour. You can stick your bits and pieces on paper or card or maybe you would like to use an empty milk carton, egg box or cereal box to make your pet look 'real'.


Activity five - Rhyming revision and dictation

Orally, revise rhyming words. An adult at home can call out a word and you respond by saying a rhyming word back to them, for example, adult says, 'cat', you can say, 'mat', adult says, 'mop', you could say, 'hop' etc.


Once you have done this, please try a bit of dictation with the last sound family in your wee blending book - 'ot' words - not / hot / cot / pot / snot.

If you would like an extension to this, feel free to try writing a sentence using one or more of the words from this list.