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This week is simple. Take some time to reflect on your time with us at MPS.


Talk to people at home about all the things at school you enjoyed. The things that made you smile. The things that made you laugh. The things that excited you. 


Complete your 'My Time at School Reflection Sheet. Talk to your friends and see what they have put down for each area.

After spending some time reflecting on your time at MPS and completing the two pages of your reflection task, I would like you to focus on one memory, if possible, and write a recount, giving as much detail as you can, of this favourite memory.


I would like this one sent back to me so if you want to be creative and type it on Word that would be great. If you haven't got access to word or simply would prefer to write it you can print the PDF and write on that.


The plan is to collate all of these memories together and when we get a chance to meet to celebrate our time together in MPS share these with everyone else.


Enjoy this task. If it makes you happy, smile. If you get sad, that's OK too. I often have little waves of sadness thinking about you all and the time we missed together. I guess this means we'll have to make up for it when we do get back together.

Have fun. I am looking forward to reading your favourite memories of MPS.