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Activity one - Tricky Word Practice

Please find the link at the bottom of this page for 'Reading Tricky Words - Home Learning Challenge'.

In addition to this, ask your child to 'read' a book to some of their teddies. They may be able to attempt some words or they may totally make it all up, start to finish. This is equally beneficial if your child is thinking of a story line, using the pictures in a book to guide them and if they are able to use expressive voices for the characters in their story. You may want to help your child set up their teddies as though they are in school and your child is the teacher reading to them.


Activity two - Phonics revision booklet - 'an' words

Find the last page in your Phonics Revision Booklet. Here your child should add 'an' to complete each word. Then, read the words together and draw a picture for each word. Colour to complete. The words from this page are, hand / fan / ant / panda / candle / sand.


Activity three - Phonics Skills for Writing - Home Learning Challenge

Please find the link for this activity at the bottom of the page.

Following this, have some fun developing fine motor skills - thread Cheerios onto some long pasta, practise cutting paper and card, make lots of different little and large shapes with Playdough, try using tweezers to pick up pieces of pasta, cereal or rice.


Activity four - Scissor skills

Please find the link below for 'Making a Jam Sandwich - sequencing cut & stick'. Once you have completed this cut and stick activity, try following your sequenced instructions to make a jam sandwich together.


Activity five - Jolly Phonics revision and 'am' family dictation

Have a wee go over your Jolly Phonics sounds. Play some 'Eye Spy' and practise large formation in the air. Then, try some dictation of 'am' family words from your book - ram / Sam / jam / ham / spam. If you want an extension and would like to try a sentence, you can try, 'Sam has ham and jam'.



Thank you, as always, for your support. We know it's coming to the end of term. You have all been so fantastic during this strange, strange time. We really appreciate it.


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Activity one - Tricky Word Home Learning Challenge

Activity three - Phonics Skills for Writing

Activity four - Scissor skills - Making a jam sandwich