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Activity one - Jolly Phonics revision - 'sh'

Use your Jolly Phonics revision book and find the 'sh' page. Please listen to the 'sh' song on YouTube, sing together and do the 'sh' action (your child will be able to teach you this). Talk to your child about 'sh' words - shoe / sheep / shall / shower / shut / ship / brush / push etc. Complete the 'sh' page - handwriting of the sounds and then look at each picture below together and say each word. Cross out the picture that does not have the 'sh' sound. Please encourage your child to write each word beside the corresponding picture. They should be able to sound out each word. If you would like an extension for this activity, please ask your child to tell you / write a sentence using a 'sh' word e.g. 'I can brush my teeth.'


Activity two - word building

Using the sound cards, ask your child to try to build some VC (vowel consonant) words e.g it, in, at, on, and some CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words e.g. sat / sit / tip / pat / man etc. Once they have made some words with the cards, you may encourage your child to try to write them. As an extension to this, ask your child to tell you a sentence using each of the words. You can write the sentence for your child as they say it. This will allow them to see that their spoken word can be translated into written text. It will also allow your child to see you writing and modelling appropriate sentence formation with spaces between words, correct letter formation and a full stop at the end. Encourage your child to help you read the sentence back, pointing at each word as you say it.


Activity three - Phonics - identifying sounds in words

Using the Phonics Revision Booklet, please complete the second page. You will see the letters s / p / t / d / n / h down the side. Along each row of pictures, ask your child to cross out the one that does not contain the sound e.g. top row 's' - snail / bus / cat - cross out the picture of the cat. Your child should then colour all pictures neatly. As an extension, you can encourage your child to write the words beside each picture.


Activity four - Cutting Skills

Animals and their young cutting skills activity from Twinkl (you will find the link to this above. Remember you can access all resources on Twinkl free of charge at the minute using the code UKTWINKLHELPS)

Please talk to your child about the animals shown. Discuss their names and the names of their young. Using scissors carefully and appropriately (remember thumbs to the ceiling), cut out the animals and stick the correct animals with their young. You could even sing 'Old Macdonald' while completing this activity.

If you have trouble printing this activity, feel free to just practise some cutting of shapes or a variety of straight / curved / zigzag lines on a page. You can also have a look at farm animals on your computer / tablet / phone and talk about the correct animal names.


Activity five - Rhyming words

Please sing some of your favourite nursery rhymes together. These are so, so good for awareness of syllables and rhyming words. Ask your child to change some of the words to make them a little bit silly e.g. 'Hickory Dickory SOCK / The mouse ran up the DOCK / The clock struck BUN / The mouse ran CLOWN / Hickory Dickory SOCK'

Write five words for your child, sounding them out as you write them to help your child read each word e.g. cat / man / dog / car / sit. Now ask your child to think of words that rhyme with each one. See how many you can come up with together. You may just do this orally, or you may write the words down as your child says them. This will enable your child to see the patterns in the rhyming words e.g. 'AT' at the end of each cat / mat /hat / sat / pat / flat / bat / rat.



We would like to say a huge 'thank you' to you all for your efforts at home. It has been really encouraging to receive emails from some you letting us know how you are getting on with your home learning. We really do miss you all very much. Please do stay in touch with us via email to let us know how you all are and how everything is going. We miss seeing your pictures and hearing all of your wee stories everyday so it would be great to hear from you all. That could be another Literacy activity for you - ask your child to 'write' us an email. They can tell you what they would like to say and you can help them type it and send it to us.


In addition to the above activities, please remember to read, read, read. If you are running out of books at home, there are lots of great online resources. Amazon are offering some of the Oxford Reading Tree (Biff, Chip and Kipper) books for free on their site. Also check out or Oxford Owl, Storyline Online, International Children's Digital Library, Barnes & Noble Free Nook Books for Kids, Mrs P's Magic Library.


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