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Well done to those of you who are still completing AR quizzes.  The following people have reached their targets this term:

P5K - Sophie A, Rory B, Jacob G and Emily W. 

P5M - Reece C

Well done to those who are so close!



The sound for the week is  ible/able.  This can be represented in a variety of ways which you will find out when you complete the word sort!


The spelling list for the week is in the Phonic Activity Homework Book 4.  

We have a well established routine for phonics work in Primary 5.  The try page, wordsort and sentences should be completed as normal. 


The Phonic Activity Classwork Book 4  contains the activities we complete in the mornings and again follow a well established routine which your child should be comfortable with. 


Monday      - read through the spelling list and complete the wordsort grid 

Tuesday     - complete the "See- it-Right" activity. A picture, a sentence or a definition will show understanding of the word.

Wednesday - highlight any of our spelling sounds that appear in the Scaffolded Text

Thursday     - Dictation sentences 

(Read these out to your child, they repeat the sentence back and then write it down on the dictation page)

1. Make yourself comfortable at the table and eat your vegetables!

2. The P5 children were both responsible and sensible which made them very enjoyable to teach.

3. The fable had a horrible monster in it which probably gave me the terrible nightmares.

4. It would be considerable fun if I was capable of becoming invisible for a day.


Friday         - Friday check-up

Spelling Work 

This weeks spelling activity all about the /ible/able/ sound and the various representations.

Complete the activity below into your Literacy Book.

Remember date, title and WALT.  

WALT: use / ible/able / representation in words


We are going to continue to complete one page per week in our handwriting books.  If you have misplaced, lost or finished the booklet then just choose a poem or a paragraph from a book and write that on a plain page.  You have learnt all the joins and now it's just practice and muscle building in order to perfect a beautiful (or just legible!) handwriting style. By now your handwriting should be becoming much more natural and fluid and you should be completing all your Literacy work using the correct letter formation and joins. 

If you have any examples of really good and improved handwriting we'd love to see it!

Daily Grammar 

The grammar activities will be continuing this week.  

This week you should complete days 129 - 132 (Monday - Thursday)


*It has come to our attention that some Daily Grammar books may have run out while others go up to Day 150 and then revision pages?! 

If this applies to you, the booklet for up to day 150 and revision pages is ready to collect at the front door again over the course of this week (9-4:30pm) 

Thank you!


We are going to look at using semi colons to separate different parts of sentences this week.  

Write out the sentences in your Literacy book.

Please remember how we set out our work.

Date and Title

WALT : understand the use of semi colons

Skip a line

Use joined handwriting 


This comprehension this week will be Ahoy There / Jam Tarts

Remember -

  • read the passage
  • read it again
  • highlight any words you don't know (that's any word you couldn't explain to another person if they asked)
  • read the questions 
  • circle the correct answer

Writing Activity 

We have been home schooling for the past 10 weeks and have learnt lots of new skills and the relationships within our families have changed and developed. We have spent more time with our families than ever but we have been missing members of our extended family, school friends, church friends, club friends and others. 

This week we would like you to choose one of the following:


Think of someone you have missed and write a letter telling them all about your experiences of lockdown.  Remember to tell them how school life has changed and how your house has adapted to the changes. Include any funny stories and anything you have found difficult or have enjoyed. 




Think of someone who you would like to thank.  Someone who has helped throughout the lockdown. Write a Thank You letter letting them know how much you appreciate them.  It doesn't have to be someone you know - it could be a group of people or an organisation. 




Write to someone who may need cheering up due to being isolated or lonely.  This could be a neighbour, a care home resident or a family member.  Think of all the cheerful and positive things lockdown has brought and include them in your letter. 


Watch the PowerPoint below to help you set out your letter.  This is a great way to show off the work you have been putting into your handwriting over the past 10 weeks.  Receiving a handwritten letter is a lovely treat and has become something very unusual so now is a great time to revive this skill.  


We have included various types of lined paper if you wish to choose the one you like best or you could use your own paper.