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This is our new Literacy area. 
I will add resources for spellings, grammar, handwriting and comprehension activities as well as some videos / PowerPoints etc to show you all how to do some stuff. 

Remember links to BBC Bitesize for videos and activities to test what you’ve been learning and that Twinkl is free for one month so you can get more worksheets or info from there. Links available at the bottom of the ‘Home School’ page.  




This year we have enjoyed accessing the Accelerated Reading Programme in school. Now we can access this from home, between 9am and 3pm, to complete AR tests on books you have completed. 
Simply follow the links below to check if your book is an AR levelled book, to complete tests or to access online books and audio books. (You will need your library card number for this one)





This is our usual morning routine. Complete one column per day Monday - Thursday. 
This week columns 131-134. 



Complete each unit in handwriting pen thinking carefully about presentation. 
This week complete Unit 2 - -ness/-ment suffixes 



Complete each unit thinking carefully about the spelling sounds / spelling rules. 
This is different to what we’re used to but it has all the activities we are used to and some additional activities to really test your spellings. 
This week complete Unit 1 in your booklet. 



This week we are looking at identifying direct speech and punctuating direct speech. 
Work your way through the activities. They should progress in difficulty as you move through. 

Activity 1 - HRJ 3 Pg 25

Activity 2 - HRJ 4 Pg 15

Activity 3 - CPF Bk3 Pg 20/21

Activity 4 - S&S Grammar 4 Pg 10/11

Activity 5 - S&S Grammar 5 Pg 6

Activity 6 - CPF Grammar 4 Pg 20/21



Like Grammar, our activities will increase in difficulty as you move down the page. 
You will know which activity is best suited for you. 
Remember, read the text carefully, write down any words you find difficult and look them up in a dictionary. 

Activity 1 - Hiccup Harry

Activity 2 - Albert Changes Schools

Activity 3 - The Bully Asleep

Extension - Sinbad and the Coconuts

Challenge - Robin Hood (Classic Fiction)